A Greek mezze platter

Greek Mezze Board
Image from Healthy Mama Cooks

I love mezze. There’s nothing better for an impromptu al fresco dinner on a spring day when the weather turns out to be fine well into the evening. Mezze are easy to throw together from food you might have in the cupboards or fridge and contain fresh ingredients you can pick up on your way home from work. Mezze, for me, are perfect for sharing, as well as a good excuse to bring out those lovely ceramic plates and dishes you may have brought back from holiday! I love the informal atmosphere of sharing food and taking a bit of what you fancy.

So many different Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries have their own takes on mezze dishes – all delicious. Today I’d like to share a Greek version with you. For my perfect Greek mezze meal, I like to have olives, pitta breads, and salad (with cherry tomatoes, red onion and cucumber, perhaps also with some feta or black olives thrown in), along with the following showcase dishes:


Easy to recreate with shop-bought filo pastry, these small hand pies aren’t as difficult to make as they might seem. You can even make them with delicious home-grown chard, which has a similar flavour and texture to spinach.


This is one of my favourite dips. Rather than hummus or chutney, I grew up eating tzatziki as a child. We would often visit Greek restaurants and no meal was complete without this deliciously cool , garlicky dip mopped up with pitta breads.

Don’t forget, Greek dishes tend to be quite heavy on the garlic, so you might want to check you have no meetings or close encounters the next morning! Paid with a glass of red wine, I can think of nothing I would rather eat on a warm spring evening.

Do you enjoy eating mezze? What are your favourite al fresco dishes?

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5 thoughts on “A Greek mezze platter

    1. I’m glad you approve!
      One of my favourites (although I probably wouldn’t make it at home, hence it not being part of the post) is lightly battered and fried courgette and aubergine. It tastes so good with tzatziki!

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