Lentil nut roast

  Sometimes on a Sunday I feel like making a family roast dinner. But I never think to pick up any joints of meat when I’m shopping on a Saturday and, in any case, there’s only two of us to eat such a decadent meal.  Leftovers would be coming out of our ears. What do … More Lentil nut roast

Why I bake without eggs + 2 of my favourite recipes

Most people are astonished when they try my baked goods and find out that I haven’t used eggs or dairy. My cinnamon muffins with chai buttercream frosting (a vegan recipe) have been hits whenever I’ve made them for office dos. Baking without eggs is something I trialled when I started restricting the amount of animal … More Why I bake without eggs + 2 of my favourite recipes

Tofu Lasagne

Many of us are trying to reduce our meat consumption. Whether we’re striving for a lighter footprint on the environment or a little more change in our pockets, meatless Mondays and vegan Januarys are now commonplace. My household is no different. I’m worried about the impact of eating meat on our environment and don’t enjoy … More Tofu Lasagne